New Year, New Goals, New Meals

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Are you ready to start off 2013 with a brand new goal of some sort? If you’re one of many Americans, one of your top resolutions is to eat more healthfully and tweak your nutrition. There’s a book that can help you do that, chock full of advice from those who know food best.

Debuting this month from Penguin Group is a book by Allison Adato: Smart Chefs Stay Slim: Lessons in Eating and Living from America’s Best Chefs.

Within this helpful guide are tips, advice, and even home-crafted recipes from notable and respected chefs we all know and love such as:

~ Marc Murphy
~ Rick Bayless
~ Ming Tsai
~ Cat Cora…and many more.

Smart Chefs Stay Slim is an “easy to digest” (no pun intended!) manual on how to, very simply put, learn to eat better. It spawned from the age-old question that I’m sure has crossed your mind at some point: “These chefs. They cook such delicious food. They are always surrounded by incredible dishes. Yet many of them are fit and trim. How do they do it?” Get ready to find out.

You’ll learn the importance of edible acids in cooking to create a more pleasurable, palatable experience (think lemon juice and vinegar), why breakfast is essential (it really, really is), how much dessert one really needs (hint: it’s not much), how to really eat to fuel your body and not just satisfy cravings, and how to bring in multicultural fare to keep things interesting. Always.

You’ll be able to try tempting, chef-created recipes such as Melissa Perello’s Spring Vegetable Salad with Creamy Herb-and-Lemon Dressing, Marc Murphy’s Paella, and Jacques Torres’s Chocolate-Covered Cereal.

Two thumbs up on this book, this no-nonsensical, ready advice on taking control of your “food life” and not struggling through the process (but enjoying it instead!).

You can purchase Adato’s Smart Chefs Stay Slim directly from Penguin Group, or look for it at your local bookstore or via

(*Also be sure to check out Allison’s Smart Chefs website.)

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