1000 Days

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From son and successor of notable preacher and author Jerry Falwell comes a new book about the days of earthly ministry of Jesus.

Jonathan Falwell’s 1000 Days is an in-depth look at the roughly three years of public ministry in which Jesus took part (i.e., 1,000 days).

This book talks about the fact that Jesus could have very well come to earth, spent 33 years in relative obscurity, died on the cross, and gone into heaven, still giving us the opportunity for salvation and eternal life.

Yet He chose to do more. Much more. The 3 years Jesus spent in personal, public ministry to others — teaching, preaching, speaking, healing, fellowshipping — none of that was without reason or without purpose.

From why Jesus chose common men (fishermen, tax collectors, and the like) to assist Him in His ministry, to why he waited to perform certain miracles while he did others immediately, to His run-ins with the griping Pharisees — it all had a purpose. Everything Jesus did, every word He spoke was intentional. Most of it is recorded in the pages of the Bible, allowing it to be a constant, recirculating message to us, a shining example of how to live life and love others, gain faith and resist temptation.

You can purchase 1000 Days from Thomas Nelson Publishers directly, via Amazon, or at most major Christian booksellers nationwide.

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