Kittens are Cuter in 3-D

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If you can’t hold a kitten or be surrounded by kittens at any point during the day, then I say at least pretend you can.

Kittens in 3-D lets you view adorable felines in 3-D any time you wish.

Created by renowned Japanese photographer Yoneo Morita, Kittens in 3-D uses a technique called hanadeka (“big nose”). Popular in Japan, this technique shrinks the animal’s body in relation to its nose, causing the animal to appear, well, cuter.

This particular book uses a method of viewing 3-D images called stereotopic vision. Think of the “Magic Eye” poster craze of the 90s, and this is very much like it.

There’s a handy 3-D viewer attached to this book that will allow you to achieve stereotopic vision with ease, but directions in the back of the book show you how to create autostereoscopic vision the old-fashioned way.

Whether you take on this challenge or use the 3-D glasses that are included in the back bookflap, this book is still cuddly and cute and utterly irresistible.

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Factoids and proverbs are interspersed to make this book even more enjoyable. From Maine Coons to Scottish Folds to Persians, several kitten breeds are pictured, all ready to charm their way into your heart (and seemingly, your open hands).

You can order Kittens in 3-D (and his equally popular Puppies in 3-D) from these online retailers, or look for it wherever books are sold near you.

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