Music for jumping (and dreaming)

By | August 25, 2009 at 7:38 am | 6 comments | For the Kids, Media

Growing up, we didn’t have a trampoline — but we had a neighbor with one, and I could be found jumping nearly every day after school. It’s euphoric — it’s magical — it’s carefree, much like the music I’m about to tell you about…

Grammy nominee Peter Himmelman releases TODAY his newest album for kids, “My Trampoline!” The songs are inspired by the fun had and memories made on the trampoline in his own kids’ backyard. About it, he says: “Our kids have had at least as much fun with it as any $30,000 swimming pool,” he explains. “I figure anything that simple and that much fun must have a lot of special significance.” He adds, “There’s something very metaphoric in a trampoline as well; you’re always striving to gain altitude … and even though you may never quite get aloft, there’s magic in the trying.”


The album starts off with “Imagination,” a ska-type beat celebrating the simple joys of using what you have to create magical worlds in which to play, an art that’s seemingly dying in some households (but clung to tightly and embraced in others, like ours!). There’s a silly diddy about King Ferdinand, a tortoise, backed up by wildish guitar riffs and danceable rhythms. “Ten Billion Blades of Grass” paraphrases the intense questions and imponderables within little ones’ minds. (If anyone has a super-inquisitive, detail-oriented child like mine, this one will really hit home.) The “Statistical Factoids” feature is just plain awesome. (It’s my favorite.)

Himmelman is not only a father of four, he’s a four-time winner of the Gold Parents’ Choice Award  and a composer for film & television. And click over to the Land of Nod for his Nodcast Podcast for kids!

We’re satellite radio subscribers, so we’re super excited about the fact that Himmelman has recorded a one-hour concert for Sirius-XM Satellite Radio’s “Kids Place Live” channel. The “Rumpus Room” special will air four times over the weekend of August 28th-30th!

You can buy “My Trampoline,” Himmelman’s fifth childrens’ CD, via his website, via Minivan Productions, or from Amazon.

Win it! Courtesy of Peter Himmelman and Sugar Mountain PR, one of you can win a copy of “My Trampoline!” Just tell me in one comment which song is your favorite. I’ll close the contest next Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 11pm EST. Sorry; US entries only. Good luck!


Congratulations to commenter #3, Katrina, the winner of this CD!