Realistic retail play!

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Does your child love to “play store?” How about set up a lemonade stand every now and then? We play store (or post office) about once a week around here. What can I say? We all enjoy it — even me, since I jump in quite often as the “customer.” Our play became a whole lot more entertaining (and educational), however, when Learning Resources sent over their Teaching Cash Register for us to review!


This is no small, limited-function toy. The Teaching Cash Register:

- is durable and solid
- is multi-function for pretend play, practicing the value and counting of money, and completing quizzes focusing on sharpening sorting, addition and subtraction skills
- has working lights and sounds for “lifelike” effects and rewarding correct answers
- has long-lasting battery life thanks to an auto-shut-off feature
- includes a working cash drawer, credit card/coupon scanner, and barcode scanner.


When your child slides an item across the “infrared” barcode scanner, the machine beeps and a price shows up on the digital screen, the amount echoed audibly by the female narrator. Scan in items or enter in prices by hand — the cash register adds and keeps track of the total, then tells you the correct change.


G absolutely loves the coin quiz feature/activity. The coin slot recognizes by size the coin dropped in, rewarding him for correct answers. He also surprised me by doing exceptionally well at the “match the dollars” game…the very first time he played:

Teaching Cash Register from Megret on Vimeo.

The only negative thing I found about this product is that the coin quiz won’t work correctly with the cash drawer or coin bank open (not that we found).  To play the game, G has to take the coins out and set them beside him or in front of the coin bank, shutting the drawer.   This does nothing, though, to detract from the otherwise spectacular pluses this toy has!

It’s certainly no surprise to me that the Teaching Cash Register is one of Learning Resources’ best sellers, among both teachers and parents alike. It’s certainly captured my little ones’ attention, and I regard it highly as one of the best educational/teaching tools in our home. If I could give three thumbs up for the Teaching Cash Register, by all means, I would!

The Teaching Cash Register can be purchased for $59.99 from Learning Resources online. (There’s also a version with Canadian money, as well!) Their educational products and toys are also available at a host of online resellers.

Win it! Thanks to Learning Resources, one of you can win your very own Teaching Cash Register! Isn’t that exciting?! Simply head over to Learning Resources and browse awhile at all of their superior products and toys. Come back here and tell me, in one comment, another LR product you simply have to have. I will close the contest next Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 11pm EST. Sorry; US entries only this time. Good luck!


Congratulations to commenter #51, Pixie13, the winner of the Teaching Cash Register by Learning Resources!