Green Toys – A fun way to recycle!

By | September 14, 2008 at 5:09 pm | 94 comments | For the Kids

When R’s 2nd birthday was growing near, one of the things I knew I had to find for her was a tea set. At first, I had in my mind I’d find a charming, mini-sized porcelain set with enamel-painted images on the side….charming and delicate. When I began to research my options, though, I was not happy with my findings. For the most part, every tea set I looked at was made overseas. Several of the ones resembling what I’d hoped to buy for her were pictured within the toy recall lists. I began to wonder whether or not I could even find a tea set at all — much less one that was safe enough for eating and drinking from!

All of my searching led me to a worthwhile end, though. I happened upon Green Toys, and saw the most adorable tea set available from their line. This was no cheap, run-of-the-mill plastic tea set. This tea set was 100% safe, American-made, and made from recycled milk jugs!

In fact, all of their green toys for kids are safe — even for those kids who like to put everything in their mouths! They contain no traceable amounts of the scary Phthalates or BPA we’ve recently heard so much about. (Their toys are made out of High Density Polyethylene — or HDPE, one of the safest plastics on the market.)

I was very impressed with the packaging — the first thing I noticed. It was sturdy, recycled corrugated cardboard. The box was about the most high-quality childrens’ toy box I’ve ever opened. No pesky little, plastic twisty-ties and clips holding the tea set in, either. Less stress for me when little hands are anxious to play, and no extra landfill space taken up, either.

The tea set? Dense and heavy, with a neat texture and thick feel. Extremely durable (which is necessary, considering the little tea hostess has an older brother who likes to play along, too). The lids fit securely and snugly on the tea pot and sugar bowl (imagine!). Oh, and it handles a tea party very well, too. We tested it out, of course.
R tea

G tea

Five stars all the way on this great tea set….and on Green Toys as a whole.

Win! Green Toys has very generously handed over one Sand Play Set for me to give away to one of my readers!

Simply head over to Green Toys and browse their products. Come back here and tell me in one comment which Green Toy you think your kids would love best and why. (U.S. entries only.)

I will close the contest at 11pm EST on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 and announce the winner Wednesday morning. Good luck!