Let’s Get Organized! (Day 5: Laundry Room)

By megret | January 13, 2011 at 3:13 pm | One comment | Homekeeping

~ Brooms and mops
If space allows, install a wall-mounted broom and mop holder like this one. This keeps them off of the floor letting them dry faster, and keeps them from being piled up in the corner. I also hang my mop bucket over the handle of the mop once it’s on the wall.

~ Shelving
Install or upfit shelving for storage. Put laundry supplies on a shelf right near the washer/dryer. Other shelves can hold lesser-used appliances, party supplies, batteries, or other items.

~ Baskets
This is still a work-in-progress in my laundry area. I’d love to get several baskets and label them, placing them on shelves. Ideas for filling include: “To mend” items, “To iron” items, and “To donate” items (for toys and books and other small items).

~ Dryer treasure jar
We have a jar that sits near our dryer where we put things found after a wash: Coins, earrings, buttons, small toys (such as Legos). Whenever something’s missing, the kids know to ask to check the jar.

~ Ironing accessories
Try putting ironing accessories together. A bottle of plain water for misting is a great idea, as well as scented ironing spray for a special touch.

~ Stain treat center
Gather all stain treating materials together on a shelf or in a basket: Club soda, Oxi-Clean powder, pre-wash treatment sprays, a bleach pen, and a toothbrush for scrubbing.

~ Washer and dryer
These need cleaning, too. Wash the washer with just bleach — just pour it in like soap and run it with hot water with no clothes added in. Wipe down dryer with non-flammable cleaner and let dry. Vacuum out dryer filter hole with a small, flat attachment. Wash dryer filter itself with soap and water to rid fabric softener residue. Once a year, disconnect dryer vent hose and clean out visible dust accumulation, including from the valve that empties to the outside. If your washer has a filter, too, clean this out according to manufacturer instructions. Clean outside and top of washer/dryer with nonflammable, natural cleaner and wipe dry.

~ Cleaning supplies and laundry aids
Update the cleaning products and laundry products. (Some do have expiration dates.) Place a bottle of vinegar near the rest, for adding into the rinse cycle for musty towels and bathmats. Add “Mr. Yuk” stickers to toxic cleaners if your children are able to get into the laundry area. (Request free Mr. Yuk stickers here.)

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  1. MobmomChris (3 years ago)

    Thanks for all of these great organizing tips! I’m getting inspired to do more of this around here. I like how it is divided into little do-able chunks



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