Lunch is about to get a lot more fun…

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I just ordered and received a box full of Japanese FUN….

Ichiban box

I have been wanting to try bento boxes to jazz up our lunches, and with Ichiban Kan, I found that I can do just that — at an insanely low cost. It’s known as “the bento-themed dollar store,” but I beg to differ. The quality of these products far surpass traditional “dollar store quality” — I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was too good to be true as I perused their online store…but when I received my package of goodies, I realized it WAS a great deal for great products.

Ichiban Kan carries much more than bento supplies — they have stationery, writing tools, kitchen organization tools, and even candy. (I just had to pick up this rice-wrapper candy that I used to buy and eat when my dad was in the military — we lived on an army base inundated with Asian groceries, and I fell in love with this stuff.)

Rice candy

Ichiban Kan had such a fantastic assortment of bento boxes, I had a very hard time choosing. At those prices, I’ll just have to shop there again soon — perhaps snatching up one for myself while I’m at it!

Bento boxes

I have found several great sites on bento box lunch-making. I also think a photo-filled cookbook on the subject would be a great investment!

- Lunch in a Box

- Bento Box!

- Laptop Lunches

- Flickr pool of creative bento boxes


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